Answered Prayers and Bugs

I’ve been asked a few times over the past month how I “really” felt about David’s upcoming trip.  I haven’t talked about it too much here because I didn’t want everyone to feel overwhelmed with Haiti posts.   The simple answer is, I feel blessed.  I think that this opportunity is an answered prayer.  Our prayers for a while have been something like this, “God please open doors of opportunity for us to serve you, even if that means taking us out of our comfort zones and our self serving lives to do more for you”.  With that I’ll add a warning, don’t pray for things that you don’t really want. 🙂  But want we did and so, yes, it’s definitely an answered prayer.

Don’t get me wrong we will miss him desperately, I’m already wanting him back home and he hasn’t left yet.  But I have peace about this being a safe trip, and am excited to see what God will do.  I have help here since my mom is with us, so the kiddos and I will be just fine.  As a matter of fact we are blessed to have help all around us with a few calls if need be.  The kids have some camps and things to finish up their summer while he’s away and we’ll be ready to jump back into school soon after he gets back.

My plan is to try to get a post up every night while he’s away, depending on how B3’s sleep situation is.  He did finally make it through the night in his own bed last night, another answered prayer.  I will try to give you all updates as I hear from David.  Right now I have no idea how often that will be, hopefully more rather than less, we’ll know more when he gets there.

You guys have done so much already but I’m sure you’ll hear more about that tomorrow night.  I would just like to ask one more thing from you.  Please keep David and his dad in your prayers as they travel.  If you have traveled much you know that it can go very smoothly or can be a total nightmare.  Pray for easy travel and for their safety along the way.  You could pray for sanity for my mom and I, if you feel so inclined. 😉

And now I leave you with the question of the day.  How many people can you fit into a Volkswagen Bug?

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