This is the last night before we head out for Atlanta en route to Haiti.  Our flight leaves Thursday morning from Atlanta to Miami to Port Au Prince to Port de Paux.  We will be in Haiti Thursday morning around 10.  For the record, I hate packing for any trip.  I am one of those people who pack right before we leave.  I pray that I can get through the airlines restrictions and on the plane with the bags I need.  I have all the donation items packed up in two bags, one is pushing the 50lb limit, a carry-on bag with all my stuff and a backpack.  I have all my liquids in a nice little zip-lock to show to airport security.  I’m sure they will get me on something.  I fear sitting in the line having to move stuff around in bags with all my stuff laying on the floor in the airport.  I do have to say those packing bags are awesome.  They have them at the dollar store and they have saved so much space.  You don’t have to use a vacuum cleaner on them you just squeeze the air out of them.

My prayer tonight is that God will use me while I’m in Haiti.  I pray that I will be of some use to Him while I’m down there.  I pray that I will be receptive to what God is wanting to show me during this trip. I pray for my family while I am gone.  I pray that I will be able to express clearly what I take in on my return.  I pray that I will be a blessing, but in turn get a blessing from the people there.  I pray that our travels are safe.

I have a lot of things that I will experience on this trip.  I pray that I will empty myself of any preconceived feelings, experiences, thoughts or fears and let God do a work in me that only He can do.  I pray that I will do His will while there and apply what I have gained through the experience.  I also desire your prayers while I am down there.  I will be praying for you!

I did get a special Haiti plan on my phone that should allow me to get cheaper rates.  I will be trying to tweet while down there and post to facebook.  I have a journal with me and will be doing a lot of writing for future posts.  I crammed the camera in one of my bags and hope it makes it on the plane with me.  I will also have my handheld video camera….shhh don’t tell Casey!

I will try to relay my experience through my writing, pictures and video, but I’m sure I want be able to do it justice.

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