Just a Quick Update

Talked briefly with David this afternoon, they had just arrived at the mission station and set up their tent.  Yes, I did say tent!  They will be sleeping on the cement roof of the mission station, apparently it is the coolest place (cool as in breezy, not to be confused with “cool” which I’m sure it is not).

A few things from our short conversation:

He has already lost one contact but luckily he did pack his glasses.

No problems getting his bags through even though they were pushing the weight limit.

Flights were okay,  he flew behind the pilot in a 12 person plane from Port-au-Prince (the capital of Haiti) to the area where the station is.

They (the group) were quickly escorted out of the airport in Port-au-Prince, I’m sure there was a good reason for this I’ll let you make your own assumptions here.  I think he is glad to be out of that area.

They were getting ready for bible study/devotionals and supper when I talked to him.  FYI – They are an hour behind us because they do not observe Daylight Savings Time.

They are very tired from a long day of travel.

Please pray that they are able to rest so that they can begin working tomorrow.

I’m still very unsure about how often and how we will be able to talk.  If he is able to “tweet” using Twitter the updates will show up on the right side of this page.   I’ll be sure to continue updating you if and when I receive calls and/or emails.  Hopefully in addition I will have a post up tomorrow night but this is it for tonight because I must get ready for our busy day tomorrow and order our groceries.

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