Mind Dump

-It was odd trying to fill a Saturday without David here because that is typically when he gets to spend the most time with the kids, but we managed with the help of Grandma and Maw maw.

-The boys and I went with Grandma to Snow Camp to see  the play Pinocchio in the outdoor theater, everyone had a good time, we ate lunch on the way home.

– We went school shopping this afternoon and loaded up on most of our supplies for this year.

– The boys played while B4 napped and then we ate supper at home.

– By the time we cleaned up from supper it was time for bathes and bed.

– It’s 10:15 pm and everyone is currently in their own bed asleep, it’s nice.

– I have everyone’s clothes laid out for tomorrow, praying that everything goes smoothly so we can get to church on time.

– I finally broke down and bought B1 some dress shoes that fit so he doesn’t have to wear his tennis shoes tomorrow.

– Talked to David earlier.  They are doing fine.  Tomorrow holds for them church for a few hours and some other activities in the evening.

– I asked him if he wanted me to tell you guys anything.  He said “Tell everyone I will have lots of stories when we get back”.

– Our conversations have been very short, so I haven’t heard any stories myself.

– Thanks to the AT&T Haiti plan we are only paying like .25 a minute instead of $1.50.

– Thanks so much for your continued prayers.

– Have a great Sunday!

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