Sunday Update

Just a quick update from David tonight.  They were in church for about 4 hours today, most of it was in Haitian Creole but he said they sing the same songs that we do.  The little Haitian kids enjoying rubbing his dad’s hair and beard, especially when he was bowing his head to pray.  They done more construction on the church today and will do the same tomorrow.  Their last two days will hold some other adventures.  David was able to lead devotionals last night.  He said that it’s tough to watch the kids there fight over their scraps and left over water.  The church across from them took the weekend off from the 4 am singing, but he’s sure they’ll be back to it tomorrow.  He has no idea what time it is at any given time, they have no clocks.

That’s it for tonight, everyone have a lovely Monday!

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