From Horses to No Horsepower

We started our day with a lot of driving.  2 trips back and forth to Snow Camp to drop off and pick up B1 from his day long horse camp.  It was well worth the driving because he had a wonderful time.  He learned so much and had hours of riding time.  B2 had a rain forest camp in Burlington today, thankfully Grandma was able to help out with picking him up while the rest of us trucked out to Snow Camp.

After a quick supper we headed to VBS at my mom’s church.  The kids had a good time but it was getting late by the time it was over and I was more than ready to head home and get everyone in the bed.  But our vehicle had other plans.  Let me stop here and say Praise God that this happened tonight in a familiar place with familiar people, instead of today when I was driving in a not so familiar area alone with the kids.  Praise God for men that carry jumper cables with them all of the time and are always willing to lend a helping hand (I’ve made a mental note to gift my boys jumper cables for their 16th birthdays).  Long story short we arrived home safely with our own car which will stay parked until the men get home and another Praise God for two vehicles.

My conversation with David this evening was very short so I have no new news to pass on except that they are safe and doing well.

Happy Tuesday!

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