Way Back Wednesday – Irish Twins

At some point after we found out that we were expecting B2 while I was desperately searching the Internet for “how on earth am I going to raise an infant and a one year old” or something like that I found the term Irish Twins.  Have you heard this before?  While my kiddos aren’t technically Irish Twins (two kids born in the same calendar year or within 12 months of each other) they are pretty close (12 months and 2 weeks apart).  It’s funny now to look back at that time when the thoughts of having two young children was terrifying, Praise God we’ve come a long way!  Anyway here’s my way back picture for tonight.  A very pregnant me with my newly turned one year old.


Talked to David this evening, all is well.  They took a trip to a voodoo temple today which he said was quite interesting.  Please keep them in your prayers as they start the journey back home tomorrow around lunch time.  Although we won’t get to see them until Friday, they have a long day of travel tomorrow.  Hopefully they will have a chance to rest in Atlanta tomorrow night and head home on Friday morning all refreshed and ready to jump back into it.  We’re ready to have him home and I think he’s ready to be here.

Have a great Thursday!

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