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I’ll be the first to admit we haven’t always been greatly consistent with doing devotionals with our children.  But I’ve come to learn that it’s the best opportunity we have during the day to have some meaningful conversations with our kids and for that reason we’ve been putting more effort into it the last few years.  Devotionals shouldn’t be hard right?  We know our Bible enough to be able to share something applicable to our children on a nightly basis with no problems.  Except, sometimes when the time comes you kinda draw a blank, especially if you haven’t been great about doing your own devotionals and reading your Bible like you should (not that any of us are ever in that position) ;).  So, I’ve also learned that it helps to have some sort of plan to go by.  We’ve gone through the good, the great, and the not so good of kids devotional/Bible study books in our home so I thought I would take a little time to tell you about some of the great.

Some of these we’ve used through our school curriculum and some we’ve used as a nightly devotional but all of them would work for either.

Leading Little Ones To God is my recommendation for younger children, although it says it could go up to age eight.  We love this book and went through it with our older kids around the ages of 4-6 (somewhere in there).  This book is pretty ancient but it’s a keeper.  As a matter of fact we ended up with two new copies  of it and since I’m almost certain I know where the extra copy is I would love to give it to the first person that comments on this post telling me that you would like to have it.  It’s a great resource that’s not being used here so someone should get some use out of it.

Missionary Stories With The Millers My boys love reading about missionaries and they fell in love with this book.  We make it a point to read books about great men of God, men that they can look up to as they grow up.  This book is great because it covers a lot of missionaries with short stories about each.  Then you can go on to read more detailed biographies about these men as your kids get older.  The whole Miller Series of books are wonderful and we make sure to stock up on these when we are at our homeschool conference.  They are wholesome books that teach everyday lessons using scripture, my kids love them.  Again these are old books, but they are the best.

Plants Grown Up by Doorposts is my new favorite, we just started this in school this year.  This is packed full of lessons and activities that help encourage discussions about biblical character training.  The best thing about it is that it has activities for all different age groups.  If I could use only one book in school this would be it (with the exception of the Bible which you need while using this book).  As a matter of fact we tend to spend more time on this than some of our other subjects because we are all leaning so much and enjoying it.

We’ve had plenty of other devotional/Bible study books, these are just a few that we’ve really enjoyed.  Feel free to tell me any thing that you guys use and love in the way of devotional books for your family.

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