Child Labor

While we were on site in Bonneau getting the ground level for the foundation of the church there were children everywhere.  They came to play with us and longed to work side by side with us and the Haitian men.  We had a huge dirt pile that they loved climbing up and rolling down.  The men, who I assume, were supposed to be watching the kids would periodically come over and yell at them and they would get off the dirt.  The other times they would play games at the bottom and sing songs.  This really kept us working in the hot sun.  Some would sneak up and want to carry buckets.  At one point the kids were all singing a song with the same words over and over again.

“boule dyab boule,boule dyab boule,boule dyab boule,boule dyab boule”

I asked our translator what the were singing.  He started laughing and said it was a song they taught in Bible School, “Burn Devil Burn”.  We would take breaks to get water and the kids would run up and grab the tools from the ground.

I promise we didn’t go over there and make all the kids do the work!  It made me think of kids back in the US, it made me think of my kids.  How willing would they be to go out in 100 degree weather and work to build our future church?

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