Saturday Mind Dump

– We’ve been laying kinda low this weekend so far.  Our day was spent mostly around the house doing house things, mowing, laundry, and playing with the kiddos.  David and the boys got out early this morning to go to a park and mom and I took a long walk with B3 and B4.  Our normally uneventful walk was turned upside down by a snake on the sidewalk and a strange person walking a little too close.  We made sure to keep a close eye on him.  I’m always especially mindful of my surroundings while out and about with the kids, that’s something I’ve tried to make them do too.  I certainly don’t want them to be fearful of things, but I do want them to pay attention to things around them.  Anyway, all was fine and we came home drenched in sweat.

– David and I were able to go on a date tonight to celebrate his birthday coming up on the 25th.  We ate a Chili’s early like the old people that we are and then bought him so clothes for his birthday.  I know men don’t really care to get clothes on their birthday, but it was high time to replace some dress clothes that had seen their day, so that’s what he got.  The blessings hung out at home with my mom (thanks again mom) and watched a DVD of really old cartoons and ate pizza, they had a great time.

– I was able to spend some time with a friend last night who will be welcoming her third child this coming Friday.  They don’t know the baby’s gender yet  and I’m oh so ready to find out what she’s hiding in there!  He or she will be so loved, I’m so very happy for them.

– I’m feeling a bit spoiled not having to cook for two days in a row.  Unless you count the guacamole I made for lunch today, which I don’t.  And of course there is no time for cooking on Sunday’s so that’s three days, whew I must be on vacation!

– Looks like we’re about ready to start painting/decorating our new bedroom/nursery upstairs.  I’m super excited to have the extra room and to be a bit closer to all of the kids.

– So you’ve gotten some bits and pieces about David’s trip to Haiti so far, but if you want to hear all about his experience and what he’s brought back with him, he’s speaking about it tomorrow night (Sunday) at our church (Welcome Baptist Church in Hillsborough)  at 6:00 pm.  Everyone is invited.  But to be clear everyone is always invited to our church and we would love to have you anytime.

That’s it for tonight.  I’ll leave you with a picture of our friends who will welcome their little babe late next week!

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