Being blessed

“They recognize how blessed we are more than we do.”

I just finished preaching tonight at our church on what God allowed me to experience while in Haiti.  To simply put it, I get a small understanding of how truly blessed we are.  Even just riding down the road to work the other morning I had to stop and think about how fortunate we are.  Electrical lines, paved roads, mailboxes, street signs.  These are small things in the scope of everything, but still a big deal.  Clean water, three meals a day, clothes, nice homes, our kids have parents and I could go on and on.

One of the reoccurring things that I heard from the Haitian people was, “Don’t forget me, don’t forget us, don’t forget this place.”  I pray that I won’t forget the people, and I know I want, but I also pray I won’t forget how blessed we truly are.  I’m still trying to process everything and what it truly means in the scope of my life.  I shared with you earlier about the man with the “World’s Best Mom” shirt and the boy begging for my broken flip flops.

Visiting Haiti was like going back in time with the people being without electricity and without running water.  I’m not going to lie, part of me finds that appealing.  Getting rid of all the junk that we have let take precedent in our lives.  Or maybe it is the idea of being resourceful.  We saw rain barrels, solar cells, and wind mills among other things to get clean water and power.  Maybe that is what I’m drawn to, living off the land.  While I work on pushing the junk out of my life I pray that I will not take my blessings for granted!

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