School's In

I just realized I haven’t talked much about school starting back even though this will be our third week of school for the year.  As I’ve mentioned in the past we’ve totally revamped our curricula this year and so far it’s been a welcome change.

We’re starting history back from the beginning this year with a new book that I’ve been very pleased with.  We started with creation and have already made it to the Sumerians.  We made our own cuneiform clay tablets today.

This year in science we’re studying zoology.  We took advantage of the nice weather today and had a scavenger hunt at our local park.  B2 impressed me with his knowledge of bugs that he gained at his 4H bug camp this year while I ducked around spider webs.

Math is all about multiplication this year, I know brings back lovely memories right?

Our first read-a-loud this year is The Sign of the Beaver, anyone remember that book?  We’ve picked out lots of boy friendly books this year, I know they’re going to love them!

Both boys are excelling so far in cursive.  B1 has always had nice handwriting and B2, well let’s just say he’s not an overachiever in this area.  But B2’s cursive has been much better than his printing so far, who knew?  I’ve also discovered that B3 is looking more like a lefty everyday.  I thought for sure that he would eventually switch to his right like B1 did, but nope, he’s holding strong on using his left hand.

I’ve already talked to you about our Bible curriculum this year.  We’re working really hard on character this year, trying to prepare these boys to grow into men.

As far as extracurricular things go this year we got a few things up our sleeves that I’ll be sure to share as we start to get involved.  We’re also looking to be much more active with our homeschool groups this year.

If you will please pray for all kids starting back to school this year.  We certainly desire your prayers as we continue our homeschool journey and please remember those kids in the more traditional schools also.

And now I’ll share with you our verse for this school year.  “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. ” Galatians 6:9

ps- I’m pretty sure I choose this verse more for me than for them. 🙂

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