Growing Older

Today David celebrated his 31 birthday.  As a testament of my love for him I made him a cake that included Butterfingers and milk chocolate, neither of which I enjoy, both of which he does.  The thirties have set very well with my dear hubby so far.  He’s more handsome than ever (I enjoy the gray hair myself), and wiser ( I hear that comes with age).  I can’t express how it thrills me to see the things God is doing in his life, in our life, and in our family.  Sure we have our bumps that we go through, but it’s totally worth the effort.

We will soon be in our thirties together.  Ya know as soon as I’m done living my wild and crazy twenties.  😉  I feel pretty good about growing older, as long as we do it together.  Our twenties were filled with a handful of life changing events, I’m wondering if our thirties will hold more or less.  But that’s part of the fun I guess, not knowing, and instead just depending on God to get us through the good and the bad.

So tonight I say, Happy Birthday my love, my best friend, my dearest companion.  My prayer for you this year is to gain even more focus to set your sights on what God has for you and don’t look back.  Continue to lead our family in the ways He would have us to go and know that we love you dearly.

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