Week Recap, A Short Absence, and A Congratulations

This week as been somewhat eventful.  David celebrated a birthday and started teaching his new web design class to homeschoolers.  I dropped my iPhone and my screen died but David had a friend who had an older iPhone he wasn’t using, so I’m back with phone again and awaiting the arrival of an indestructible case we ordered.  B3 managed to get stuck in our banister at the same time the current district attorney who is seeking re-election dropped by our house to ask for our vote, nice.  B1 and B2 have been spending their time saving half dead butterflies in hopes of rehabbing them to fly again.  B4 has been her adorable self and is working on giving kisses, wiping her mouth, and cleaning anything in sight with a baby wipe.

As I’ve mentioned we are ready to start moving into our new bedroom/bathroom, but first we have to make some changes.  We’ve made the decision to go with that it  full force this weekend.  David’s vacation time is pretty depleted since his trip so taking time off just isn’t an option, just call us weekend warriors.  Two adults and four kids can certainly get four rooms painted, reorganized, remodeled, and put back together in 2 days right?  Don’t answer that.  Which leads me to my next plea.  Please forgive us if we go missing for a couple of days.  I have a slight feeling that we will not be up to posting this weekend but bear with us, we’ll try to be back on Monday.  No doubt this weekend will be filled all kind of things to blog about.

Now for the exciting news!  Please help me in saying a big ole congratulations to our dear friends who welcomed their newest little boy into the world today.  Lincoln Alan Greene was born today weighing over 9lbs!  I can’t wait to see this big boy and hopefully take some pictures of him.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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