Monday Mind Dump – You searched for what?

It is hard to believe but we passed our one year anniversary for the web site last week.  Over that time frame we have gotten traffic from over 40 countries and every state in the United States.  The Internet still amazes me after all this time.  How I can post something and anyone all over the world can stumble upon it.

I looked back over how some people have reached our website and wanted to share some of the search terms people have used.

  • why does fire consume me?
  • snuggie commercial dog glasse
  • pacifiers for grandparent
  • i been in the snow too much and cant feel my feet?
  • hungry goat limerick
  • headwound
  • cowboy christmas blessing
  • can’t feel my foot
  • a eulogy for piggy
  • you mess with me you mess with my whole family
I’m not sure which one is my favorite, but they are pretty hilarious.  I wanted to take the time tonight to say thank you everyone for reading our little rants, looking at our photos, and sharing time with our family no matter how you found us!

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