Overheard today

From B3 after we asked him if he had fun in Sunday School, “Just a little”

B3 asked me where we moved the play kitchen.  I told him we moved it to the playroom with the other toys so the schoolroom wouldn’t have any toys.  His response, “That’s not perfect”

OK, so this seems to be quotes from B3 today.

We went and threw baseball this afternoon between church services.  B3 wanted to stay in the shade.  I not get in the sun and catch ball.  I guess he will be destined for playing in a dome.

B1 came up with an idea of creating his own line of tied-dyed church clothes.

B2 is writing a story based on the movie “The Rookie”.  OK, he is rewriting the true story.  Does that fall under fair play copyright?

“Daddy, we saw a flying ant or insect thingy in our room.”  Ok, boys, go back to bed “But Daddy, he flew into a crack in the wall and I’m pretty sure he went to get his friends and they are coming back!

“Mr James let me play his geetar, ok daddy?

“B3, you have a rice beard”  That was me, right before B3 started eating the rice from his face.

“Daddy, how do you know if God is leading you to do something?”  This is from B2 as I was walking out of their room after prayers.  He has the ability to ask the hardest questions at the strangest times.  I love that!

We need to get better about writing these quotes down.  Because they are priceless and we will never remember them.

Have a great week!

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