Mind Dump Monday – Home Improvement Edition

-It’s 12:30, I’m very tired and waiting on David to get out of the shower so we can go to bed.

-As I’ve mentioned we’ve been doing some home improvement, moving rooms, painting, redoing bathrooms, new floors, and such.  It’s making me need a vacation.

-We’ve been doing a lot of the work after the kids go to bed which makes for a very long day and night.

-We’re on the last leg, I hope.

-Maybe we will be done by Friday next month.

-B4 has her own nursery now off of our room, it has a pink wall, we listen to ocean sounds to go to sleep.

– Maybe I will post pictures of all of our work, someday.

– Our bathroom is turquoise.

– I wish I could sleep late in the morning.

– I’ve had a chip on my shoulder all day because David does not get Labor Day off, instead he gets some random fall break day in the fall.  Don’t they know we’ve got work to do?

That’s about it.  Good night!

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