B3 loves his brothers.  He wants to do what they do, say what they say, and act the way that they act.  That’s the way it should be of course, which is why we are constantly stressing to B1 and B2 that they should be good examples for their siblings.  Sometimes though, the age difference between the boys really begins to show.  There are 5 1/2 years between B1 and B3.  The older boys do an excellent job including B3 into most things that they do but there are times when the older boys want to do things that aren’t too fun for B3 and vice versa.

B1 and B2 have been studying “birding” commonly known as “bird watching” in school.  They’ve become quite the bird experts and they have a great time doing it.  B3 on the other hand is a bit too young to enjoy much about our feathery friends.  And that’s where my story begins.

Poor, dejected, down right bummed out B3 sat in the play room alone.  The plastic tools weren’t worth using alone, the play food wasn’t enticing in the least, and even his cars could not put a smile on his face.  About that time B4 waddled in and plopped in the middle of the floor.  She quietly fiddled with some mega blocks that were scattered around.  I’m almost certain I saw an actual light bulb over B3’s head a that moment.  Yes, out of desperation right then he picked up a small plastic plate loaded with a whole pineapple, chicken leg, and can of Spam and handed it to B4.  She looked up, smiled, and took the plate from him.  I had just witnessed a friendship in the making.

See prior to this event B3 had often shown love to his baby sister.  He kissed her, talked to her in baby talk, and stroked her little head loveingly.  But this day was different.  He saw B4, for the first time, as a playmate.  A walking and babbling little person that, like him, enjoyed playing with toys.  Although I knew that this day was eventually come, B3 did not.  It was the shear joy in his heart when he realized that he had just made himself a new friend that made me just smitten.  Smitten with these beautiful babies that will always have a playmate close by.  Smitten with the fact that we have four, FOUR kids that I pray will always have wonderful relationships with their siblings.  And smitten by the fact that I’m able to be here to see these moments for myself during these, sometimes, very crazy days.

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  1. Yes, and we are blessed that you can witness these moments and share them with us!
    Love to you MB, Mama Blessing and PB, Papa Blessing!

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