Too busy for a haircut

Have you ever had one of those months?  You know, the one that your hair got so long it was annoying, but you didn’t have enough time to even get it cut.  It has been a busy time around here.  Every week is a busy week.  Last week I talked about how our weeks go from busy to busier and back to busy.  We never get a break.  This is going to serve as a mind dump because the posting has been pretty sporadic.

Our pastor and his wife made it back from preaching a revival for one of our missionaries in Montana.  God is doing a work out there and I pray he continues.

Our revival started this morning.  Every night this week at 7:30, all are invited!

One of the men of our church passed away last week.  His visitation and funeral are this week.  His wife reminds me of my grandmother that passed away when I was younger.  Please remember her and their family in your prayers!

My grandmother fell tonight and had to get 15 staples in her head.  Please pray for her and those taking care of her.

This is sounding like a prayer request post….

Thank God the bathroom is finished!  I think Casey will be posting pictures this week.

The boys will most likely start their piano lessons soon.  We’ve narrowed down the pianos and have contacted a teacher.

B1 and B2 camped out with the Mebane 4H group Friday night.  They had a great time and are looking forward to more get togethers.

B3 and I came back home after eating hotdogs with the B1 & B2 at the lake.  We setup a tent on our top deck outside of our bedroom.  I had never opened this tent before.  It measured 6ft x 5ft.  That was an experience.  I’m not sure what time he stopped talking.  I drifted in and out of sleep and he was talking the whole time.  I told him tonight when I laid him down that I had a good time camping out with him and we would have to do it again soon.  His response, “Why?”

I gave the boys a shower in our new bathroom tonight.  B1 yelled out of the shower, “Daddy, Daddy, the, um, Daddy!”  I came in and said what.  “The breastplate fell out of the shower!”  I busted into laughter and saw that the drain had come out.  B1 said he didn’t know what it was called.  B2 started picking on him saying B1’s breastplate of righteousness fell off.  Yeah, yeah Bible humor.

B1 got stuck in the mud at the lake Friday night.  He was running close to the water and he ran out of his shoes.

Someone sent me a twitter message from a fake account from the Iranian President, “You Americans burn our precious book, we will burn the book you hold near and dear to your heart, The Facebook”

How sad and how true.  How much time does America spend on Facebook in contrast with their time in The Bible?

Casey and I were trying to explain tithing to the boys a little further this morning on the way to church.  They picked it up quickly.  It led me to jot down some notes on for a message on “Christian Math”.

I was blessed to preach 4 times in the past two weeks.

I pray that during your busy week this week you take the time to thank God for all He has blessed you with!

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  1. Prayer works! Great Gran slept well last night and got up in a good mood even with the staples. Almost had a normal morning until I asked her if there was anything she needed when I came home for a few minutes. Her response, “Yes, bring me my dog.” I certainly will, if I see him.

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