Good news is our Internet is back finally, the bad news is I don’t have much to share tonight because my brain is tired.  But here goes.  As we’ve mentioned we’ve done some renovating at the house lately, yes we’re done.  Actually we’ve made a pact that we will not take on any more projects that large until our kids are teenagers and can help, or ya know, do it all.  Anyway, at some point after we started with the bathroom we thought, hum, we should take some before pictures.  But, since that would have involved someone running downstairs to get the camera and we were both too lazy too busy, it didn’t happen.  So instead of the before and after pictures we just have after pictures.  You’ll just have to take my word for it, it looked different before.

Our new bathroom

I have after pictures of our bedroom too, not before, same excuse as above.  Hopefully I can share those soon.  That’s it for tonight, have a happy Friday!

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