How We Like It

Warning:  If you enjoy things perfectly matched and coordinated this post may make you cringe, beware.

I like to call our decorating style eclectic, it sounds much nicer than unmatched.  If you haven’t quite gotten it yet or haven’t been reading too long you may not know that we don’t always like to just “go with the flow”.  Our new bedroom decor includes nothing that you may have seen in a catalogue or a fancy home store.  Most of our decor has traveled with us from house to house over the years and I like it that way.  I’ve always kinda felt like if I was going to put something on my wall I wanted it to have some story to it.  I’m not one to pick out coordinating items just because they “go together well”.  I’ll attempt to explain with some pictures of our new bedroom.

Exhibit One

I’ve always loved this painting inspired by Wassily Kandinsky.  Unfortunately, the reproductions cost more than we were willing or able to pay as newlyweds.  We eventually found a nice cheap canvas one on eBay.  We realized once we received it that it was not a stretched canvas.  We paid lots more than we should have to get the canvas stretched and learned a lesson about buying art.  So this painting, yes, we will pass it down to our children one day with a lesson to boot.

This one was of our first decor purchases as a married couple.  It reminded us of our honeymoon.

I really like metal crosses, so this was a gift from David to me for Christmas or birthday or something.  He ordered it from Mexico or somewhere and it took a while to get here.

This is a large, heavy, metal mirror that I we bought on clearance with a Pier 1 gift certificate we got from our wedding shower.  It is so heavy that we had to hang it from the ceiling with chains in three of our houses.  We finally decided that it looked just fabulous propped in the floor.

(Yes tie dye makes me happy.)

Next up we have framed pictures from our beach trip this year.  Did I mention we listen to ocean sounds at night?

Our only new purchases were a new comforter and some new curtains that I got on clearance at Target for $10.00 a piece.

Ah yes, and that circle curtain there, that’s where B4’s room is, but that’s for another post.

So there you are, our bedroom in a nutshell with all of our decor that has followed us through the years.

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