Monday Mind Dump

We rode to Charlotte Saturday to see Uncle Ricky.  Brevard played Johnson C Smith at 2:00pm.  We cooked out hotdogs in the parking lot and had a good time.  Then the game started.  We planned on finding a nice place in the shade to lay our blanket down so the kids could run around.  Little did we know that when we entered in the stadium we would be corralled to the one set of stands.  They did not have a visitor’s side.  We finally found a shady area high atop the stands.  Someone came up a little after and told us we had to move because we were sitting in the band’s seats.

We moved and the sun was beating down pretty hard.  B4 was starting to get red already so we set out to find another spot.  The music over the PA that played in between plays was pretty offensive.  My impression of this school from the students and the things they were playing over the PA was very poor.

Casey sent me two tweets today that said – “Hoping I don’t turn into a block of cement when I hit the shower” and “pretty sure I ruined my good sweatpants”  She was helping her dad put the rock up today on the columns

B1 and B2 are starting art classes tomorrow.  They took a trial class last week and drew a picture of Woody Woodpecker.  I’ll have to get the pictures posted soon.  I called today to get them signed up for the next five weeks and the response I got was classic artist, “That’s cool, just bring them and we’ll have an awesome time!”

B1 has already marked the rodeo on the calendar for this year.  He is making his plans to catch the calf and planning his cowboy attire.

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