Flying Machine

This is how the conversation started.

B1 (talking to B2) “Hey after school we’re going to go outside and build a helicopter.”

B2 (without any hesitation) “Okay”

So of course after school and lunch we all headed outside for some fresh air.  The boys keep some scrape pieces of wood and other materials in their clubhouse because you really never know when you may need them to, I don’t know, build a helicopter or something.  So with materials on hand, construction began.

What was B4 doing during all of this construction you ask?  Well,

she supervised of course.

We saw progress in the flying machine.

While supervising I think she noticed an error at some point.

They corrected the mistake and pressed forward.

B4 got bored.

But alas, the flying machine was finished.

“Mama, do you think it will fly?”  “Um, well, no son I don’t.”  B2 – “But you never know.”  That’s for sure son, you never know.”

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