The 5 minute ceiling fan

We wanted to replace the ceiling fan in our room while we were changing out everything.    Casey bought one that was on sale a few weeks ago from Lowes.  It was a Hunter and boasted that it could be installed in five minutes.  I’ve put up quit a few ceiling fans in my lifetime and none of them have come close to being up in five minutes.

I wondered how many people ran into Lowes and were drawn to the packaging that said the fan could be installed in five minutes.  This is what we are programmed by the world to seek out a quick fix, a fast solution.  We want to slap on a band aid to fix a huge wound instead of taking the time to get it fixed.

In life we use God like one of those fire extinguishers behind the glass.  We get in trouble and we break through the glass and seek God.  Once things look like they are going to be back to normal we put him back in the case and go on our way.  We start seeing hard times and we go back to church one Sunday.  We feel better about ourselves and don’t go back.  Then repeat….

Needless to say the fan took a little over an hour to install.  I knew it wasn’t going to be five minutes.  When we are going through things in life the easy way out isn’t always the right way.  We are inclined to always take the easy way out of situations or trials.  God has given us certain trials so that we will grow closer to Him and our faith will increase.

Don’t always look for the easy way out and don’t fall for the five minute fan!

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