Monday Mind Dump

Jokes of the week from the boys:

Why does the Bible say women should not fix coffee? He brews, get it Hebrews?

What was Boaz before he married Ruth? Ruthless!

We built a bird feeder Saturday to go along with what the boys have been learning in Science.  We started with a washed out plastic vinegar bottle.  We ran a bamboo shoot through the bottom and cut holes in the side.  We ran and bought some bird feed from the grocery store, which was $7.  I was expecting it to be a dollar or two.  We hung the feeder and watched it intently.  Just like the old saying, “A watch pot never boils”, nothing came.  Sunday after church we watched it for awhile and the birds were fighting each other to get the feed.

The boys have their art lessons again tomorrow.  They started on a beach scene last week with a house and a lighthouse.  I can’t wait to see the final piece.

B3 blurted out at the dinner table the other night, “I Richard Petty”  He has also said he is “Nolan Ryan, Chipper Jones and Derek Jeter” this week.  Who knows who he will be next week.

The countdown has begun for the rodeo on Friday night.  I hope the rain holds off.

We have been in much prayer here on the future.  I don’t ever want to feel like we are comfortable, standing still or complacent.

My grandma is doing well at the assisted living facility.  She has been there for almost a week without incident.

Not sure if I posted this yet or not.  The Time-Warner technician said it was our fault that our cable modem died.  He said it was due to us having the power plugged into the power strip instead of the wall.  Yeah, I think they are just making stuff up now.

We took a walk tonight in the wind between sprinkles.  We raced most of the way.  I was still in a shirt and tie.  It was priceless to hear B3 yell, “redy, se, goooo”.  Those memories need to be burned permanently in my mind when the tough times in life come.  We only had one incident.  B2 thought it would be a good idea to help B3 win by pushing him to make him go faster.  He only got a small boo-boo and we washed it off in the shower 🙂

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