At least I tried

It is Tuesday and the air is getting cooler outside.  Casey doesn’t like when the leaves start to turn and the air gets cool.  Her SAD (seasonal affective disorder) starts to kick in 🙂  I’m just giving her a hard time.  I love this time of year!

Have you ever had a bright idea and thought you would get a jump on something?  B3 filled up his chart for sleeping in his bed all night so he was due a lunch out with Casey and I.  B1 and B2 had art class today so we had to do a late lunch.  B3 wanted to go to Chic-Fila and then the Christian Book Store to get a VeggieTales toy.  I went a little early and picked up the food so we wouldn’t have to wait.  I called Casey and told her to meet me at the bookstore.

I guess the plan was to meet at ChicFila and eat inside.  Strike 1.  Did you get Honey Mustard?  Strike 2.  I felt pretty bad at that point.  Luckily, B3 is very forgiving.  Looks like we still owe him a lunch out.  Sometimes you can’t get everything right, but I’m sure they just enjoyed the time together.

Have a great Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “At least I tried

  1. Aw, b3 is awesome! Would love to hear your tips on getting him to sleep in his bed -what kind of chart do you use? C is not sleeping in his bed anymore – he sleeps on the couch.

  2. Our chart was nothing special, one sheet of paper with about 30 boxes on it. Every time he slept in his bed all night he drew a smiley face in one box. When the chart was filled he got his prize. It’s not a typical solution for us, but it worked this time, it was a unique situation. We won’t continue the chart though, he’s gotten back into a cycle of sleeping in his bed so the chart is done.

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