Wasted Space No More

I can’t stand the thought of wasted space.  I would keep myself up at night trying to figure out how to access the space that our vaulted ceiling left in our old house.  I tried desperately to convince everyone that we should add a loft to use the wasted space in the new sun room, I was overruled.  So when it was time to move into our new bedroom we knew that it had more closet space then we had stuff to fill them up.  We ultimately decided to turn our walk-in closet into a nursery for B4.  It allowed us a two things that were important to us.  First of all, we would have all of our B’s on the same floor with us.  Lastly, it would allow for the downstairs bedroom to serve as a playroom, which is where almost all toys are kept.  Keeping bedrooms strictly for sleeping makes it much easier come time to clean the house.

As most of the time it seems when turning something into something it was not intended for came a few hang-ups came along the way.  The room had no vents, which didn’t seem like a big problem at first, but upon further inspection proved to be a big undertaking to fix.  We decided instead to take the closet door down, add a curtain to allow for ventilation into our room, and put in a small fan to help stir the air.  Her room stays perfectly comfortable.  With the door off there was a concern about noise from our room, mostly David snoring at night.  For that problem we bought a CD of white noise, for us it’s ocean sounds, which cancels any noise from our bedroom.  Since B4 is a bit too small yet to be part of the family closet downstairs we had to figure out what to do with her clothes.  We added a metal bar and curtain to a small nook in the back of the closet that her clothes fit perfectly into.  With that, ta da, we have B4’s new nursery.

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