Friday Friday Friday

You have to imagine the title of this post in my best radio announce voice.  Yes, the day the boys had been counting down all year came yesterday.  It was rodeo time.  The rodeo came back through town yesterday and the boys were ready.  When I got out of the shower Friday morning the boys were already decked out in their best cowboy getups.  B3 was really disappointed when I broke the news to him that I had to go to work and the rodeo wasn’t until later that night.

The time finally came and we headed down the road a few miles to the rodeo.  We learned our lesson last year that they never start on time.  We got there about 7:30 and knew it wouldn’t get under way until 8.  The boys wanted to sit in the same place we sat last year and for some reason no one else likes to sit there.  It is directly across from where the bulls shoot out and a lot of times the bulls hit the fence in front of us.  I think it has more to do with the calf holding pins behind us.  Luckily the wind was blowing most of the night.

The rodeo clown “Porkchop” started things out.  In my opinion I could do without him and the rodeo would go faster.  We didn’t leave until a little after 11:00 because of slow clown skits and not being able to get the bulls back into the shoots.  I think the boys favorite events were the freestyle bull fighting and calf roping.  The freestyle bullfighting is very interesting.  It is guys running around the bulls and doing different tricks.  Jumping over the bull, making the bull run in circles, doing flips over the fence to get away from the bull.  B3’s favorite part was a guy who did tricks with lassos.  It was pretty cool when he came out with ropes on fire and doing tricks.

I thought B3 would be up and down all night, but to my surprise he sat still all night with his eyes fixed on the action.  B1 and B2 went out into the ring again to chase the calves with the ribbons on their tails.  The prize this year was a new cowboy hat.  I have some video of this but haven’t put it on the computer yet.  B1 could have gotten the ribbon a few times, but he said he was worried he would pull the tail off……   I think he was a little scared of the cow, but I would never let him here me say that!

All day today the boys had made lassos and went around outside trying to catch things.  I’m sure the countdown will start until next year.

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