Monday Mind Dump

Where did the weekend go?

The Food Network should be banned!  All it does is make me extremely hungry before I go to bed.  They just had a restaurant on there that Casey and I ate at in Charleston, SC.  Mmmm, Magnolia’s

The boys should be able to pick up there paintings from the art studio tomorrow.

B2 helped me roll the trash cans out to the road tonight.  I looked back and he was laying under one.  It had tipped over on him.  Good thing I gave him the light one.  I checked to see if he was ok before I laughed.

I was laying on the floor tonight after devotionals while Casey was reading a book to everyone.  She told B4 it was time for bed and she walked over to me bent down and gave me a kiss goodnight.  That will MELT your heart!!

I read a chapter out of Casey’s scheduling book tonight.  It had a reference to John Chapter 10.  Reading that in the eyes of being the shepherd of your family is pretty powerful.  We always read that as Jesus being our shepherd, which He is, but dads I challenge you to read that as being the leader of your family.

Praise report from some friends of ours tonight.  Their child had to go back to the doctor today because he wasn’t gaining weight.  Praise God he gained 9 ounces over the weekend!

My parents went square dancing tonight….. I hope pictures were taken!

I have been getting a real blessing from our shared prayers at night.  Pray for us as we seek what God has in store for our family!

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