Here's Your Chance

So often I see that people try and compare all of the B’s looks to each other.  It’s funny really because no one can agree on who looks like who.  Of course I have my own opinions on this, but I love to hear what others have to say.  So, here’s your chance.  These are photos of all of the B’4 at about 14 months old, the current age of B4.  So let’s hear it, whatcha think?





4 thoughts on “Here's Your Chance

  1. I still stand by this:

    B4 looks like B2, especially now-a-days. They make some of the same faces.

    I do think B1 looks alot like Daddy.

    And, I still think B3 looks like no one but himself 🙂

    And I also know this – I love all 4 of them SO much! Oh, and their parents are pretty cool too.

  2. I can see some of B2 in B4 too Rebecca. B1 favors David a little but I can also see a lot of David in B3. What I find so striking about the pictures is how much hair the boys had at this age compared to B4.

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