The magic touch

Have you ever had one of those days? weeks?  months?  This week has been been a continuation of broken things.  The furnace pilot light wouldn’t stay on when we tested out the heat earlier in the week.  The van has a new feature.  It shuts off without warning while driving down the road.  I was on the way to work Thursday and it cut off on me.  Luckily I was getting ready to stop at a stop sign.  There was a gas station across the intersection that I had plans to push it to.  I got out started to push it and a car came flying across the intersection.  I had to stop and start pushing it backwards.  After that there was no use of trying to get it up the incline again.  I gave it a push backward hopped in and started coasting backward in hopes of hitting a side street.  I got it stopped and a couple of guys pulled up to help.  They got in front and helped push it down the hill.

I got out to thank them and he informed me that I had a flat tire.  Great.  I will stop here and praise God that I was not on the Interstate when the flat tire and sudden stop took place!  I looked down to see what time it was and the battery in my watch had died.  I tried starting it a little later and it started right up.  Casey’s dad followed me to the gas station to get some air and then home.  It ran fine the entire way home.  We got the tire plugged and it was fine.  It did cut off again on Casey when she was picking up groceries.  B1’s response was “I’m not running home just because I am the fastest one”.  I think it is pretty much a consensus that the van is a goner.  I will post an ode to the van later on.

This morning after spending time in the Bible I got a peace about everything.  When you live on a tight budget the smallest things put a wrench in everything.  I went into the bathroom to get a quick shower after studying this morning.  God always shows his sense of humor after I get a peace about things.  I turned the shower on and got the water just right.  We have one of those hand held shower sprayers you can take off and use.  I moved the sprayer and it busted from the handle.  Water shot everywhere!

That was a blessing in disguise.  We actually have some water pressure upstairs in the shower now!

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