Mind Dump Monday – From the Dentist Chair

– Today B2 and I had our dental appointments, it’s not my favorite place to go.  In an attempt to drown out the one-hit-wonders playing in the background I found myself in the chair today making a mental list of other undesirable places I would rather be.  1. Getting a shot   2.  Giving blood  3. In labor (yes, I debated on this for quite some time)

– I’m afraid B2 may be in store for many years of sitting in the chair, he seems to have inherited my terribly crooked teeth.  My teeth are much better now (thanks mom and dad) but it took many years to get there.

– Today during quiet time when I had a few minutes to sit down and read I was unable to keep my eyes open.  Concerned that my upcoming 30th birthday was already causing me to need a nap during the day I started thinking back to why I could possibly be so tired.  That’s when I realized that I hadn’t eaten any protein in over 24 hours.  Yep, I was functioning strictly off of sugar and carbohydrates.  Oops.

– I finally broke out our camera today, we’ve had a short hiatus for unknown reasons.

– The boys made a tee-pee today, shown here with a B2 willing to be photographed and B3, well, he wasn’t.

– Lastly one of my favorite shots of the day.  You normally try not to shoot right at the sun but since I’m such a rule breaker I thought I would just try and see what happened anyway.  I thought the results were pretty cool!

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