What an honor to be able to watch the amazing rescue of the Chilean miners today.  We’ve been following this story in school.  It appeared first in our monthly God’s World News paper that we read for school.  The boys and I were all amazed by the fact that these miners were trapped underground for, what was at that time, going to be an undetermined amount of time.  It was unimaginable really.  We studied the map of the mine and the plans for the rescue tunnel that they would drill.  We talked about how they were able to stay alive and about the safe area they were able to get to.  We prayed for these men and their families, two months went by and we didn’t forget.  I shared any news that I heard with them and we prayed again.

Then last night we heard that they were starting to make it down to the men.  David and I stayed up too late and only got to see one rescued, it was a slow process.  Today though we were able to watch the live streaming online and we all watched attentively throughout the day.  It never got old seeing those men come up through the tunnel one at a time and being reunited with their loved ones.  B1 watched so closely he could tell you within moments of when another one would make it to the top.

What can I say except, our God is great!  Did you guys watch the coverage today?

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