Saturday Night Ramblings

Worked today with my father-in-law on putting rock on the columns under the house.  We almost finished, just a little left.

We had a fish fry tonight at Casey’s aunt’s house.  We had Swai and shrimp.  Those were some big fillets.

We watched Vanilla Ice renovating a house last night on DIY.  Yes, I listened to Vanilla Ice when I was in middle school.  Don’t laugh, that dude can landscape!

Someone at church gave us some eggs last week from his family’s egg farm.  I fixed some this morning and it turned into a game.  These eggs were HUGE!  The first four I cracked were double yokes.  I didn’t go five for five.  Casey’s mom said her grandma use to say that that meant someone was going to have twins.  B1 said he hoped it was mama…….

Starbucks is calling my name, can you hear it?

Casey has moved from etsy to eBay as her drug of choice 🙂

The boys must have had a good time tonight, they fell asleep as soon as they hit the bed.

The weather was pretty much perfect today!

Looking forward to church tomorrow.  Praying everyone has a great day!

One thought on “Saturday Night Ramblings

  1. I so miss getting eggs from our own chickens. Prayerfully one day we will be blessed with a homestead of our own again.
    I have considered selling on Etsy. Not sure if it is better than Ebay. Sigh. Decisions, decisions, eh? LOL
    Thank you for visiting. I have enjoyed my visit here!

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