Little Computer Techs

B1 and B2 have been showing a lot of interest in learning more about computers.  I didn’t really want to push it on them too early.  B2 thought it was amazing that he could change the background and colors on the desktop.  They really wanted to put a picture of themselves on the desktop.  I told them the picture had to already be on the computer for them to set it as the background.   B1 with his sense of humor told B2 that he had to get a picture and put it in the CD drive.  I stopped them before they proceeded.  Last week they played with the text to speech program.  B2 was making the computer talk to everyone.  Today I had a couple of computers that I needed to reinstall the operating systems on.  I gave them pretty complete instructions and told them to figure it out.  They only had a couple of questions but they completed the task.

B3 helped a little on the “coopotuer”.  That is what he calls it.  I look forward to teaching them more and see where it leads them!

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