Tips for Visiting Great Wolf Lodge on a Budget

Just in case anyone is considering a visit to Great Wolf Lodge I would love to offer a few tips that might make your trip more enjoyable and more budget friendly.

– Visit during the week.  This is kind of a no brainer.  It’s less busy.  There was a significant difference in the number of people from Thursday to Friday even, so if at all possible plan your trip in the middle of the week.

– Don’t pay extra for the kid themed rooms.  We reserved a very plain room but once we arrived we were offered a kid themed room for $25.00 extra dollars so we went ahead a upgraded.  The kids liked it and the bunk beds were nice, but they normally go for an extra $50-$100 more.  In my opinion it’s just not worth the extra money.

– Plan to eat outside of the lodge.  The food is very expensive and there were plenty of restaurants close by.

– Go early, stay late.  Although check-in isn’t until 4:00 pm you are able to start enjoying the water park as early as 1:00 pm (you may even get lucky like us and get to check-in early).  Checkout is at 11:00 am but you are able to stay the and enjoy the water park until closing on your departure day.  Definitely get your monies worth.

– Lay down the law.  There are tons of other activites at the lodge, some are free but most are not.  We were very clear with the kids as soon as we arrived in our room about what we would be doing and what we wouldn’t so that we didn’t have to hear any begging for extras.

That’s it!  It really was a great trip for us.  We really got to see our kids personalities come out.  B2 is quite the thrill seeker he was up for any slide you could throw at him, B1 was much more reserved.  Both B1 and B2 were delighted to find out that (based on their height) they were clear to ride any slide there.  All activities dump into 6 in – 1 foot of water which is something I really liked.  As a matter of fact the deepest water we saw in the whole place was about 4.5 foot deep.  B3 and B4 had plenty to do in the little kid area too so it really does have something for everyone.  I would certainly recommend this trip for any family.

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