In The Arms of The Father

Last night we went out to eat for Casey and our sister-in-laws birthday.  When we arrived b4 was pretty clingy and didn’t want to get in her seat.  After a few minutes she got sick and I took her out to the car.  I held her close to my chest and she laid her head there until she fell asleep.  She was tired and you could tell that she just gave up.  It was one of those moments that as a father I will never forget.  Sitting in the parking lot, in the front seat of our car, with my daughter’s head laying against my chest, at peace falling asleep.  She had no cares, no worries putting full trust in me.

Of course this led me to my own struggles.  I thought about how I react to my heavenly father when things go wrong in my life.  Am I willing to rest in His arms, placing full trust and comfort in Him?  Do I fight kicking and screaming against Him the whole way?  B4 could have fought and it would have made it hard for her to find comfort in my arms.

When something comes along that is out of our control where do we run?  Where do we find comfort?  Where do we find peace?

Are we willing to give up and find comfort in His arms?  Do we realize we truly have no control over some things in life?  Our first instinct is to take care of things ourselves, look at our own strength and in our own abilities.

Instead we need to run to our Father, seek His guidance, His comfort and submit to His control.  Then we will find true peace and true comfort.

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