It's The Memories….

It was a great day today for my 30th birthday.  We had our normal school time then lots of running around since it was the B1 and B2’s art class day  This evening I was treated to supper (very nice to not have to cook on your birthday) then we all enjoyed birthday cake from our favorite bakery.  David and I have spent the last hour looking at used cars over the Internet, which sounds like a lot more fun than it really is.  Yes the final word on the van was “probably not worth it to fix it”, hence the used car shopping.  But since we don’t really have the free time/patience/desire to deal with salesman we have instead resorted to the Internet which isn’t really proving too helpful since I can’t actually see the vehicle bigger than a 2 inch square.

It is quite sad to think about getting rid of our van, really our first family vehicle.  I’m sure we’ve shared the story about our van purchase/birth of B2 being on the same day.  So it’s been around ever since then and for the most part has been pretty dependable.  But in it’s old age our van has gotten “temperamental” in the fact that it just cuts off when it gets tired.  Our theory on cars is buy used and drive it til it dies, it’s just so darn sad when that day comes.

Am I rambling in my old age?  Well that is possible but I’m allowed, it is my birthday.  Now I’ll share my most memorable moment from today.  When I asked everyone for prayer requests this morning in school B2 piped up and wanted to pray for me.  Always thankful for my kids prayers I happily added my name to the list then he added “You know, since you turned 30 today”.  Oh, okay thanks sweetie 😉

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