Rusty Seats?

Casey met me this afternoon to go look at a vehicle.  Yes, the fun begins.  I took a late lunch and we met in the mall parking lot to go to the dealership.  We have a set price and know we need a lot of room.  That is about it.  We looked at a Buick Rendezvous, but this one didn’t have a third row.  That was easy to rule out.  I tried talking her into a getting a conversion van with a bed in the back.  I don’t think she is ready for that.  I don’t think anyone is really ever ready for that.

We crossed the street to look at a Chrysler Pacifica which we knew had a third row seat.  We got the key Casey got in the front and I opened up the back.  Casey said too many miles when she got in.  I stood staring at the third row seats.  Do you ever see something and it just confuses you?  You try to figure out how in the world that happened?  I’m guessing the third row set of seats come out easily.  The metal that connects the seats to the floor was completely rusted out.  Not just a little and not just on one.  It was on all three of the metal risers.  I can see Casey stopping short and B1, B2 AND the entire third row seat flying forward.  I guess they removed the seat and left it in the rain….strange.

We talked a little later with the lady and have her searching for a certain vehicle for us.  She was perplexed when she asked us what color, interior and style we were looking for.  We told her how much we were going to spend, how many seats we needed and mileage we wanted and other than that we didn’t care.  I guess she was used to harder clients.

In all our searches we did find a purple, silver and wood grain car that came with a surfboard.  Intriguing, right?

Back to searching, praying, searching and praying!

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