For The Love of Being Frugal

I have a “need” to save money.  On top of my “need” to save money being a family of six living on one income we literally need to save money anywhere we can.  But it goes even further than that for us.  We have an adamant desire to to use the money that God has provided us in the best possible way.  This combined with my personal vendetta against paying even close to retail price for anything, makes purchasing anything difficult to say the least.  Purchasing a car is a grueling task for us.  If I was getting paid for the hours that I’ve spent on the Internet looking for used vehicles this week I could substantiality contribute to our one income family.  Ah, but if it only ended there.

I’ve been searching Ebay for about a month now in anticipation of B4 outgrowing her everyday pink shoes.  I’ve bid on shoes and lost more times that I care to count.  I’ve stopped short of a full out bidding war for a pair of size 5 shoes, until last night.  Yes I bid on one pair of shoes 4 times last night at about 11:30 and in the end, yep I still lost.

Today I’ve been feeling a bit bummed.  Not only have we failed to find a suitable vehicle in our price range but I can’t even win a stinking pair of shoes for my little one.  Yes living the frugal life and be daunting, frustrating, and down right disheartening.  Then in the midst of goggling “Is it legal for my kids to ride on the roof of the car in a car seat?” ahem, I mean “vehicles with a third row seat” B4 comes over and lays her head in my lap.  It’s then that I’m reminded of why we are living this frugal lifestyle.  And I wholeheartedly would not trade this life for anything!

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