Monday Mind Dump

We rode to Winston-Salem Saturday morning to look at a Mazda 5.  Nice car, it has a third row seat, and everyone fit in….just barely.  It was pretty tight in the third row for B1 and B2.  We made a offer, and went back and forth.  They couldn’t get to the price we wanted.  Thank goodness, I think it would have been too small for us.

We drove around and stopped at a few other dealerships in Winston while we were there.  At one point we took a wrong turn and ended up passing the lot for the Credit Union Buying Service.  They had a great van that I test drove, but no sales person  there.

One last stop on the way home at Dick Shirley in Burlington.  There were a few Chevrolet Uplanders on the lot and we test drove two.  We chose the one with less miles over the one with the automatic doors, DVD, and remote start.  Less things to break.  One of the doors was already broke.

We are just a mini-van family!

B1 was reading Pearl Harbor to me this weekend when he came across the word cryptographer.  He has a tendency to sound out the first part of the word and then guess.  He started out with cry then finished it up with grasshopper.  Then put it together, “The American crying grasshopper”

They forgot to pack my brothers jersey to the game this week so he had to wear another number.  My mom was freezing in the snow and wind.

The noses and eyes were pouring this weekend.  Casey is about to lose her voice tonight.  She is squeaking something now….

A family from our church had their newborn baby their last night.  B4 would motion for her and say babay, babay.  After the baptism service she went to the nursery and got two babies out of the bin.  It is amazing how she is already attracted to babies and…… shoes.

The preacher brought a good message on wasting our lives last night.  Really made me think how easy it is to get into a holding pattern.  More on this later.

Two kids died this past weekend from cholera at the mission we were at in Haiti.  They still have a lot of people infected in that area and it is spreading fast.

Have a great Tuesday!

If we knew today of all the GOOD things to happen tomorrow, we will be over-excited and drop our faith in Him for tomorrow; likewise, if we knew all the BAD things to happen tomorrow, doubt, fear and frustration would cripple us today. So, Jesus told us NOT TO worry about tomorrow!

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