Off to Work

I’ve posted in the past about how most of my mornings are a daze.  Who is happy driving to work?  I got up, fixed breakfast and had to say bye to my family to go to work.  First off, I do get up in the morning and thank God for allowing me another day.  I am thankful for my job, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not a morning person.  It takes me a while to fully wake up from a nights sleep.  This morning I saw something that put my morning into perspective.

I pulled up to a stoplight this morning and focused on a passenger van across the intersection from me.  I noticed it because the people in the front were dancing.  I always get a kick out of that, that made me smile!  They were in a turning lane so turned in front of me.  As they passed by me I could see everyone in the van dancing with their hands in the air.  The van was filled with handicapped kids and adults of all ages, enjoying the morning, looking forward to another day.  While I was at the light what was I doing?  Was I looking forward to the day?

1 Chronicles 23:30 And to stand every morning to thank and praise the LORD, and likewise at even;

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