Monkeys Taking Over

I’m sure I will make at least one person mad over this post, but I’m just relaying what I saw.

Today I met Casey and the kids at Chic-Fila for lunch before B1 and B2 had art class.  I got there a little earlier so I could order and get a table for everyone.  I got the biggest table and carried the food over and sat and waited.  The table was beside the door to the play area.  We ate and talked while kids were running in and out of the play area.

I know that it is tough to be at home with kids all day.  I am not downplaying that commitment and respect families for that.  There were 5 – 6 kids in the play area running around with food, wrestling on the ground, hanging on the door while someone swung it open and shut.  The door would swing open and the kid would yell at the top of his lungs.  This even startled B2, which is hard to do.

Meanwhile, the moms are sitting at a booth talking and laughing.  You can think bad thoughts about me, it is ok, I will be ok.  Take some responsibility for your kids!  My kids are not going to be able to play because your kids are acting like some wild animals!

Chic Fila is not a daycare where you can drop your kids off at the play area and you can ignore them while you yap……

OK, I am better!  Let me know your thoughts, pro or con 🙂

4 thoughts on “Monkeys Taking Over

  1. AMEN!! It seems like all play areas at resturants or even at the mall are drop off daycares with no supervision! We usually try to persuade the kids not to go in them.

  2. I actually like when other peoples kids are not being properly supervised at the park, mall play area or resturants. I did feel not always feel this way. but my take on it now is it teaches kids at an early age what to do since not everyone plays by the rules. Sure it bothers me when my kids can’t play at the play area because they did not bring socks (or I have to buy socks for them) and a half dozen kids are going around sockless. Or when my older children were sitting out because they no longer met the age or height requirement only to see that half of those sockless urchins are clearly taller or older than them.
    When my kids ask about why other kids break the rules, they are not generally asking because they want to break them themselves. They are seeing inconsistency of obedience and instruction. When they ask I say because they are not my children. When my4 year old asks me to tell the other kids the rules, I tell them that God did not put me in charge of those children. It gives me an opportunity to discuss some of our familie’s core values.

    When it is rough play or bullying I do need to get involved, usually just to remove my children or talk gently to their playmates. I also model proper behavior by making sure my children are keeping all the rules.

  3. I do agree on it being a teaching moment. My wife and I didn’t comment on the behavior, but waited to see what the kids reaction was. Great comment, thanks!

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