Way Back Wednesday – Ten Years Ago Today

Ten years ago today I was probably just leaving our church after having cleaned up from our rehearsal dinner where we ate, what else we live in the south, BBQ.  After I arrived home for my last night in my home with my parents we watched Father of the Bride and I’m pretty sure I fell asleep before it was over.  I don’t recall being too nervous about the coming day just filled with anticipation.  David and I were on the verge of starting our new life together and although we had no clue what that life together would hold we were more than ready to jump in with both feet.  And now that I think about it I pretty much still feel that way about our life together.

But before that big day we had had six years to get to know each other. Years that spanned high school, graduations, and brief stints in college for us both.  I’ll not tarry too long here.  High school is not one of my fondest memories, other than the fact that I met my husband there.  I played a lot of softball, got pretty decent grades, and fulfilled all of my requirements to get out.  Much like my college experience, I was glad when it was over so that I could start a “real” life.

I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight it took me a while really to come to the conclusion that our relationship might actually be more than just the average and I’m sure that David feels the same way.  We eventually became inseparable even though we did spend quite a bit of time apart when we were both on our college adventures and it just seemed natural for us to take the next step of marriage.

And here we are back in November of 2000 all ready for the big day to come.  The day where we would feel every emotion possible, get snowed on, share time with all of our friends and family, not eat very much, and prepare for our new life as a married couple, oh yeah, and get ready to take a 12 hour flight (my first flight ever!).


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