Our 10th Anniversary

I am going to pick up where Casey left off last night.  We have been running back in our minds what we were doing 10 years ago today.  A lot of the details are a little hazy, but we do know we got married!

We woke up on Nov. 19th to a white covering of snow everywhere.  We rushed to get ready and make it to the airport early and try to head out before they grounded the planes.  The airlines pushed us to an earlier flight and rushed us through to get on the plane.  We were split apart and didn’t get to sit together on the plane.  It wasn’t bad we were just going to Charlotte, a 30 minute flight at the most.  I remember it was before 10am and Casey got stuck next to a rather large lady with a chili dog…. Nice!

Later on that night we landed about an hour outside of London.  Transportation had been arranged from the airport to the hotel and was SUPPOSED to be waiting on us at the gate.  No one was there.  I didn’t even know how to call anyone.  I finally found someone to help me call.  They told me they would be there in a few hours to pick up another couple and we could ride with them.  Gee thanks.

We made it and our trip is a whole other post…

I do want to thank God for bringing us and keeping us together!  I can still remember the first time we met and when I knew I would ask her to marry me.  I truly didn’t know how to love her until I accepted what Christ did for me.  The more I learn about His love and the closer I get to Him the closer I get to her.

I may not know what God has in store for us tomorrow or next year, but the keyword is us.  When I made a vow to her 10 years ago it was for life.  We are one through Christ.  Ten years seem so short and I can’t wait for our future journeys……Together!

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