Photos Aplenty

My anniversary gift to David this year was getting some family photos taken.  We don’t really have a family photo of all six of us.  It gets hard to keep the family portrait up-to-date when you regularly add to the family, then you start to get the “where am I at?” question.  It’s kinda difficult since we like to take our own photos, it would require a tripod and a timer, sometimes it’s just easier to ask a friend and that’s what we did today.  I think we were able to get some good shots.  I got a sneak peak on the camera but wanted to wait until I can get them on the computer to see them all.  So, sorry I don’t have any family shots to share tonight but I do have a few shots that we took afterwards.

Have you figured out where we took our photos yet?  Yes, we love our little city’s downtown area so much that we decided to go for kind of an urban industrial photo this time.

Can I just say that we may have a budding photographer on our hands here?

Yep, B1 took this photo.  And sorry that’s all you get for tonight.  Tomorrow we’ll be taking the night off, David and I have a special anniversary thing planned but hopefully we’ll be back on Monday.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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