Mind Dump Monday

– We’re having Thanksgiving school for two days this week.  We scrap all the normal curriculum to do Thanksgiving studies, the boys always look forward to it.  Today we read some stories and listened to a radio broadcast.  Tomorrow we have plans to make chocolate pilgrim hats, yum!

– I’m always thankful around the holidays that we don’t not have to travel.  David and I both are blessed to have our families close by.

– I’ll share some of our photos tonight taken by a dear friend downtown last weekend.

Here’s a big thanks to our friend David Rayle for taking these photos, you did a great job!

– Yesterday I spilled an entire pitcher of sweet tea on the kitchen floor.  It was an awful mess.  We found out later that it had actually leaked through the floor down into the basement, yeah nice right?

– I’m kinda at a loss tonight all I really have on my mind is the variety of  food that I’ll be cooking over the next two days.

– Last but not least David will be preaching at our church tomorrow night.  If you can come we would love to have you, if you can’t he could use your prayers as he prepares his message.

Happy Tuesday!

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