Black Friday

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving yesterday and leftovers today!  My brother told me he wanted to get together while he was home from school for Thanksgiving.  I figured hitting the new Tanger outlets at midnight this morning would be a great time to get together.  It wasn’t bad and we had a great time.

Casey ventured out at 5 this morning for her annual shopping trip.  We both got some good deals but aren’t done with Christmas shopping yet.  This was the first time I had been shopping on the day after Thanksgiving in about 8 years.  The last time I went with my mom to Walmart to get a couple of “must have” deals.  Let’s just say that chaos ensued and people were getting VERY mad.  The outlets weren’t anything like that.

So, tell us the best deals you got today, in the store or online.  I got three pair of boots from Bass for $27, but don’t tell the boys.  Ask my brother about his “deal”.

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