Family Closet, It Works For Us

I mentioned a while back that we decided (being inspired by the Duggers) to create our own family closet.  It has worked out quite well for us so far so I decided it was time to share it with you guys.  We decided to go this route when it was became a huge hassle to keep the kids closets in order.  B1 and B2 have been able to pick out their clothes and dress themselves for a while now which is great because it saves David and I time but can be a bit on the messy side.  Our closet bars, like most, are too high for them to reach.  Drawers were also so full, mostly because their clothes have gotten bigger, so it was virtually impossible to find anything.

Enter our family closet.

These are B3 shirts and dress pants.  Sorted into the following categories; short sleeved shirts, long sleeved shirts, dress shirts, dress pants.  You can see B3’s bar is high because he’s not yet able to pick out his own clothes.

Below B3’s clothes is our shoe shelf.  If it looks like a lot of shoes that’s because there are shoes here waiting to be grown into by B3.  I haven’t found a good way to store hand-me-down shoes yet, so I went ahead and put them out even though no one can currently wear them.  I tried at first to keep this shelf sorted by size, it didn’t work, so I at least try to keep shoes with their matches.  This shelf is low enough for everyone to reach.

Next up is B1 and B2’s shirts and dress clothes.  Sorted the same as B3’s; long sleeve, short sleeve, and dress clothes in the middle.  This bar is adjustable so it is set to their height.

These drawers house everyone’s shorts and pants minus dress pants which are hanging.  We have drawers for B3’s shorts and his long pants and for B1 and B2’s shorts, long athletic pants, and jeans.  B3’s are on top with B1 and B2’s in reach at the bottom.  The clothes laying on top and the shoes and socks on the floor are clothes laid out for Sunday.  Sunday is really the only day we have clothes laid out ahead of time.

Lastly we have a set of drawers for everyone’s socks, underwear, pj’s, etc.  Each B has his own drawer.

Our family closet is located in our laundry room so clothes go from the dryer straight into there correct place.  B1 and B2 are able to help put clothes up since they can reach almost everything and B3 can help with drawer items.  Right now it’s not necessary to add B4 to the family closet, her clothes go up  to our room when we take ours anyway.  She may or may not be a part when she gets older, it probably depends on if she’s the only girl or not ;).

So what’s in the closets in their room you ask?  Well that’s where I store hand-me-downs-in-waiting.  I store them mostly in space saver bags.  It’s also where I store a few toys that aren’t put out for free use anytime such as games, play dough, toys with tiny pieces, etc.  So there you have it our family closet, it works for us!

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