Mind Dump Monday

Back to work.  Being off for a few days sure does make it hard to get back into the grind of things.  Someone pointed out in our meeting this morning that we only have 3 weeks until Christmas Break.

My brother will be student teaching a high school math class next semester.  Yeah, pray for him.  He called the other day because he was having problems getting his required background check off the Internet.  Later on B1 asked me if spankings show up on a background check.  I had to think about it before I answered him…..

We gave B1 our old camera this past week.  He has been taking pictures everywhere.  I’m sure we will post some pictures of his soon.

B2 has been on a drawing spree.  They have both figured out how to use our scanner.  I saw a football jersey and numerous pictures from books yesterday that had been scanned.

B3 has been building with the train tracks lately.  It is fun to see what his mind can come up with.  Tonight B1, B2 and B3 built a train track together that included a train station built out of blocks, a tunnel made of legos and a two story track that took up the whole rug in the playroom.  B4 looked at a catalog and played with her baby dolls.

It is so cute to hear B4 respond to questions with a sweet “noooooo” while shaking her head.  She has it confused with yes, but it is still cute.  Casey asked her if she wanted a cookie the other night and she said, “Noooo”.  Casey put them up and B4 started crying.

Diversity mandates at work are getting a little out of control in my opinion and I will leave it at that…..

Cyber Monday was pretty much a bust.  I didn’t see any deals anywhere.

Only four weeks until Christmas.  Please remember why we celebrate Christmas.  Don’t fall into the over commercialized holiday stress that is out there.  More on this later.

Have a great week!

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